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Greetings and message from our Shishu Bharati President:
On behalf of Shishu Bharati, I offer our best wishes and a “Happy New Year” to you all. Since opening of the school, the past 4-months have passed so quickly but with lot of hustle and bustle with classroom activities and many celebrations. While we cherish Gandhi, Nehru and Bharatiyar birthdays, all three-school also gathered to celebrate the very inspiring and educational “Folk-India” event.
Now, we all welcome and look forward to another exciting and memorable New Year. While we will proudly congratulate the graduates of “The Class of 2017”, we will also eagerly await to welcome a new batch of inspired incoming students and their families. With sincere gratitude, we humbly thank so many wonderful people for their dedication and passion to teach and make Shishu Bharati a vibrant and joyful place. With great pride, we all appreciate hundreds of students who are very passionate to learn, rejoice, and celebrate our proud heritage and diversity.
Sincerely yours,
Seshi R. Sompuram President of Shishu Bharati

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Superb Video Memories from Folk India 2016

“Persevere, Preserve, And Promote”: Volunteerism Is The Focus Of Shishu Bharati’s Graduation Event – India New England News

Presidential Volunteer Service Award - Lexington Volunteers 2016 Gandhi Jayanthi Celebration 2016 KG Class 2015-16 2016 Graduation KG Student project presentation Graduation ceremony
Presidential Volunteer Service Award - Lexington Volunteers 2016